So you’ve noticed some issues regarding your pool, and you don’t know if it can be your pool skimmer. The pool skimmer is an important part of the pool; it helps with circulation and keeps the water clean. If your skimmer is causing issues, it’s time to replace it and get some pool maintenance services. Here are four signs that you need to hire pool maintenance services to replace your pool skimmer:


1. You Notice Cracks Or Visible Damage


If there is a crack in the skimmer’s body, there is a hole for dirty water and bugs to enter. Not to mention, it can also cause injury if you accidentally cut yourself on the sharp edges. Even if the damage doesn’t seem severe, it can still lead to problems down the road.


2. The Skimmer Basket Is Cracked Or Broken


If the skimmer basket is cracked or broken, it is not doing its job of filtering out debris and dirt from the water. This means that the quality of your pool water will decrease over time. A new skimmer will make a difference in how your pool looks and feels.


3. The Skimmer Weir Is Damaged


The weir is the flap that helps regulate water flow into the skimmer. If this is damaged, dirty water can bypass the skimmer and enter your pool. A leaking pool skimmer is a sure sign of needing to be replaced. Even a small leak can waste a lot of water and increase your utility bills.


4.It Rusts Or Has More Than 5 Years Since You Bought It


Rust means the metal starts to break down, eventually leading to holes and leaks. Not to mention, it is unsightly and will make your pool look dirty. Even if your pool skimmer is in good condition, replacing it every 5 years or so is a good idea. This will ensure that it always works properly and doesn’t develop any leaks or other problems.


Get The Best Pool Repair Services!


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